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IMMS leaps into the future

  • Posted On : March 23, 2017, 8:21 p.m.
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The immune system is responsible for identifying and eliminating pathogens and aberrant cells; a process that occurs continuously.

There are times that the immune system fails to identify disease causing agents or it incorrectly recognizes normal tissue as a threat.  The human body has a system of checks and balances know as homeostasis or a feedback loop that turns on and off the activity and intensity as a means of modulating or balancing this elegant biologic miracle. 

IMMS is offering a natural health care protocol that it believes, in many cases, causes the immune system to balance its activity. The key to this balance is the compliment system and through a very complicated process of feed-back is the primary center of the very basics of the entire immune response system. 


This intervention augments a dysfunctional Immune system by providing the pure modulating substance that occurs naturally in the human body.


The structure and molecular sequence of this substance has been determined.  The science is advancing quickly but will not be available in the USA until it is patented and FDA approved.  Due to the positive results IMMS has observed, it has decided to make the health care protocol available outside the United states and has approval to provide this health care protocol in San Salvador, the capital of the Republic of El Salvador. The process is safe, simple and painless. There are many orphan diseases and diseases that are treated with only symptom relief. This health care protocol may offer relief to the suffering of certain conditions by turning on the natural balance in the human body, allowing a Client's innate defense and regulation to ameliorate or eliminate these disorders and diseases.

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